As a young girl, you would most often find me crafting, drawing or decorating and re-arranging my room. Not much has changed even in my thirties. I find delight being in spaces; experiencing, decorating and creating them. In 2015, macrame came into my life when I took a workshop at Modern Macrame and I was instantly hooked. The following day I bought a large stack of used books on knotting, macrame and a bought a few spools of rope. I began teaching myself and knew my life was taking a different course. After five years as a Medical Assistant, I found myself inspired to follow my love for art and to finally honor my art degree. Two weeks later, I left my job and health career behind. I dove in headfirst by making pieces for friends and family, working with my leadership guide, Kimberly Dawson who helped me navigate starting my own business. The following year, I was hired by Emily to be part of the Modern Macrame team. I spent one year making art for her and worked alongside an unforgettable, all-woman team at Modern Macrame.

When I was 19, a sophomore in college, I broke my back in a snowboarding accident and it forever changed my life. It's been a long and hard road, full of pain and silver lining beauty. I'm stronger because of all the knots I carry within me now. I believe life is about choices, and I've chosen to adapt, to surrender and to find joy in pain. We all have moments- moments that stretch our spirits’ ability to survive and cope. My moment, when my body crashed against the mountain, was the beginning of my new life.

My accident was my first giant knot, and it’s led to many more complicated knots in the rope of my life. What I see now, fourteen years later, is that every knot is a beautiful twist of me, just like all of your knots are beautiful twists of you.

I'm happiest when my hands and body are making. When I spend time creating a piece, my pain becomes secondary, quieted by the beauty I'm making in front of me. It's a reflection- that I too, am beautiful and strong, just like my knotted art. Every piece of macrame I create is a story, a lesson and a reflection. I work with found driftwood, found objects, dowels, cotton rope, wool and chain and I continue to explore, grow and learn with each piece I make. My art is more than what the eye sees. It serves as a reminder to have a heart for yourself while you ride the waves of life’s changes and challenges. The waves we experience can be scary, rough and overwhelming. When I step back and look at a piece of my art, the knots create a calm in me. I find comfort in seeing harmony within the knots, the spaces in between, the light that shines through and the beautiful mystery in the shadows. 

Perseverance through twenty surgeries and procedures has taught me that while our knots make us more complex and scarred, they also make us more wise, with a deeper understanding. Our scars are our knots of strength, of survival and adaptation. I now accept my accident as a gift and practice loving my knots every day.  They've given me an invaluable perspective through a lens I’m not sure I would've found anywhere else. I've learned that compassion, empathy, patience and love are the greatest gifts from my accident, and I practice everyday to live with a wide-open and loving heart.

We can’t experience the light without knowing the dark and the starts can't shine without the darkness. I have good days and knot-so-good days, just like you. We all get to choose. We take life day by day, look for the light and do our best. We get to be with heart, for ourselves and for each other. 


BFA- Oregon State University 2007 (Get rid of space below this line, please)

Studied Art History & Painting- Accademia Di Belle Arti Macerata, Italy 2005