Ali & Chris

Ali and Chris have been friends of mine for years and they are quite the power couple- both kind, driven, creative, generous and an inspiring duo. I first met Chris back in 2007 when I was living in Bend, Oregon, finishing up my art degree. We were both taking art classes, had mutual friends and would see each other around on campus. He is kind and has a welcoming and gentle spirit. I went to one of Chris’ art shows during this time and was blown away by his talent. The intricate details of his art are mesmerizing. He has a clothing line called Rythamatix, handprinted designs for both men and women, made with his beautiful patterns of sacred geometry. 

I met Ali a few years later through mutual friends. We often saw each other at the same events and festivals and I was drawn to her- she has that effect on people and I'm honored to call her a friend. She's an illuminating force of creative wellness and she’s a magician in the kitchen. She has many gifts- one of my favorites being her innate sense of creating art and harmony with almost everything she touches- mostly food and the spiritual wisdom she shares. Ali has an inspiring blog, WuHaus, and reminds us to live a healthy and balanced life with an emphasis on heart-centered self care and implementing mindful and healthy habits with a holistic approach. She shares her recipes, her heart, her vulnerable and inspirational spirit and her perspective is a gift. See what I mean about the power couple?!

When I first started Be With Heart, Ali was one of my most encouraging friends. She made me feel confident about my work and  commissioned me to refurbish their beautiful, Danish chair she found on Craigslist. It was a special piece for them and their cat, Rue, had taken a liking to the original woven seat and it was time for a update. I had never worked on a chair before so I was really excited for the challenge. I made this with 1/4" thick cotton cord and used the Buddhist Treasure Map pattern. There's about 1,000' of rope used to create this chair. Rue loves it, clearly ;)