I'm a curious empath and I have the mind, eye, and quirks of an artist. My heart and hands are happiest when making things. I’ve always found delight in art, design, learning new crafts, big art books and museums of all kinds. I’ve been drawn to spaces and creating inviting environments for as long as I can remember. I took these interests with me to college and received a degree in Fine Arts and am grateful for the exposure I received to a wide range of mediums, techniques, and history.

When I was 19, I was in an accident that changed my life forever. In an instant, I got a new body- a body I no longer understood, one that I didn’t like, and one that I could not escape. Fifteen years later, I’m still learning how to adapt and how to live in and love this body of mine. It is a constant practice. Living with invisible and chronic health issues is a daily challenge for me. Twenty surgeries and procedures later, I’m also thankful for the wisdom my scars have given me and the lessons I’ve learned in the darkness. The tools of compassion, patience, acceptance and grit that I've learned have been the greatest gifts of my journey with pain and I practice every day to live with an open heart. I choose to live and to experience joy- life is too precious not to be explored and felt. It’s been a long and hard road, and I’m stronger because of the knots I carry within me now. We all have moments- moments that stretch our spirits’ ability to survive and cope. My crash on that cold mountain was the beginning of my new life. 

My accident was my first, giant knot, and it’s led to many more complicated knots in the rope of my life. I try to see my knots as great teachers. What I know now is that every knot is a beautiful twist of me, just like all of your knots are beautiful twists of you. When I spend time creating a piece of art, my pain becomes secondary, quieted by the beauty I’m making in front of me. It’s a reflection - that I too am beautiful and strong, just like the strength and poetry within a knot. My work is more than art on a wall; they're storytellers, they're a mirror, and a reminder. A reminder that your knots make you beautiful and a reminder to have a heart - a heart for yourself and a heart for others.

To be, with heart...